10 Best CyberFlix TV Alternatives

Do you want to replace your CyberFlix TV? Are you wondering which CyberFlix TV alternatives are the best ones? There are always great competitors of every app in the market.

Similarly, CyberFlix also has its own set of competitors that give it a tough time in the entertainment sector. Almost every app has an equal number of features as CyberFlix and provides the latest content, including both movies and TV series. We have mentioned on our website how to download cyberflix apk. You can check it out here.

CyberFlix TV in itself has quite many features that are desirable for most of the people. This includes its legal status, free content, HD quality videos, subtitles, and more.

If you are looking for a CyberFlix alternative, then we have compiled a list for you containing all these. Continue reading to get to know more about these equally fantastic apps.

Best CyberFlix Alternatives

Popcorn Time

Popcorn time

Popcorn Time is old but gold. It is quite stable when it comes to streaming. It allows you to watch TV series and movies on your Android device. It is also available on iOS and Windows. This extends its user list to non-Android users too. It streams like Torrent, albeit with a player that is responsible for this action. Other apps mostly utilize links to stream content. If you are looking for a bump-free experience, then this is the app for you.

MovieBox HD

Movie Box HD

This boasts a massive collection of content, but it has limited features. It employs the standard features that are present in all apps. The user interface is straightforward and intuitive. You can use it with ease. If you are in need of a pure quality app, then this is the one to choose.

Morph TV

Morph tv

Morph TV is a revamped version of Morpheus TV that works equally well as CyberFlix TV. It has excellent features available across all Android devices. It is updated frequently to get rid of any pesky bugs in the software. The streaming process is quite smooth, and the app is easy to navigate. It definitely stands as an excellent alternative to CyberFlix TV.


Kodi tv

Kodi is an excellent experience for all. It has a clean but sophisticated interface and amazing add-ons that function well. It only lacks stability. The content available in this app is astounding as you have access to all the latest movies and TV series without any hassle. This app is highly recommended for those people who are not afraid to dabble with anything related to sophisticated technology.

Tea TV

Tea Tv

Tea TV is yet another excellent alternative to CyberFlix TV. It offers the same level of entertainment because of its content quality and quantity. You can easily use it on both FireStick and Android devices. Unlike other apps, there is an option for subtitles in this app. They can be integrated into the stream if you are a non-English viewer. You can also cast content from your phone to your TV using ChromeCast.

Cinema Apk

Cinema tv

This app claims to have a massive collection of movies and TV shows just for you. It is one of the most popular alternatives to CyberFlix TV. It boasts of having one of the best user interfaces, and that is easily seen in its unique and clean interface. If you are looking for a slight deviation from the traditional CyberFlix TV set up, then this is highly recommended for you.

PlayBox HD

Play box hd

Like most of the apps, this app too streams content using links from the internet. PlayBox HD is available for iOS users also unlike CyberFlix TV. It has a vast collection of material. There is an additional beneficial feature of Kids mode so that parents can restrict the exposure of inappropriate content to their children. This app is ChromeCast compatible too so you can cast your favorite movies and TV shows on your TV.



This app is great for watching your favorite content on your Android device and FireStick. The user interface is equally easy and intuitive on both of these platforms. The links used for streaming include content from fast-streaming servers for your satisfaction. It is however slightly unstable as it is known to crash without warning. On the positive side, it can be used as an alternative to CyberFlix TV.

FreeFlix HQ

Free Flix HQ

FreeFlix HQ may not be widely known but is quite the competitor for CyberFlix TV. It is compatible with FireStick and can be navigated through with its remote without any hassles. Since some apps are not compatible with the FireStick remote, this seems to be a great alternative to CyberFlix TV.


Bee Tv

This app puts up some excellent and reliable links from the web. The user interface is intuitive and clean. If you are using such an app for the first time, it will not cause you any problems at all. However, it has advertisements that pop up during its use which may be slightly bothersome. Apart from this, you can use it as an excellent alternative to CyberFlix TV.


Presently, CyberFlix TV is the forerunner in the online entertainment field, so it is quite hard to claim any of the apps as a complete equivalent to it. You may be looking for an alternative for whatever reason, it may be because you do not like it, you may be bored with it, or it may not be working for you. So, we have written this article that comprises of ten great apps that make for an excellent alternative to CyberFlix TV. We hope that you find one to your liking. Once you have decided which app you are going to use as an alternative, you can download it and begin the shows!

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