5+ Best Tea Tv Alternatives in 2020

Ever since the widespread of Covid-19, we have been locked up in our homes. Due to that, most people are spending more time online than they usually do. Everyone is trying to catch up to TV series that they haven’t been able to watch due to a hectic schedule. And the same goes for watching movies on your watchlist.

There are many apps that will allow you to watch almost any series or movie online for free. One such app is Tea TV. But lately, many customers have been facing issues with the app and hence looking for Tea TV alternatives. 

That said, today, we will have a look at some of the best Tea Tv alternatives that you can get on your Android smartphones, TV, FireStick, and Fire TV. So, without any second’s delay, let’s shed some light on streaming apps that you can get as Tea TV replacement:

What is Tea TV?

Tea Tv

Before having a look at the alternatives for Tea TV, you must know what is Tea TV. Well, it an on-demand media streaming app that works effectively with android smartphones, TVs, Amazon FireStick, and Fire TV. The app gained immense popularity among vivid online watchers due to its wide array of features.
For starters, you can easily use this app and find the perfect movie or TV show for yourself. Also, the developers update the app regularly and that’s why it has the latest content on it before most of its competitors. The streaming links qualities are okay as well. All in all it is a good app but now you might wonder why are we talking about Tea TV alternatives if the app is amazing?

Well, the answer to that question is advertisements. Yes, despite having so many great features, this app is riddled with ads to no extent. Almost at every click, you would run into another ad. Users have become irritated with the abundance of ads that’s why they are looking for some alternatives for this app. If you are also part of that group then you are in the right place.

1. Netflix


Starting things off with unarguably the best on-demand stream apps in the market for the past few years in the whole world. You can watch almost every popular movie and series on Netflix. Moreover, every once in a while, Netflix releases its own web series and movie that have gained immense popularity among its users.

The only downside for Netflix is that it isn’t free of cost. However, you can always try the 1-month trial and if you do not like their services then you don’t have to pay even a single penny.

2. Cyberflix TV

Cyberflix APK

Are you a long term user of on-demand streaming apps? Then we are pretty sure you must have heard about Cyberflix TV. According to us, it is one of the best Tea TV alternatives than you can get in the market. It has by far the most media collection as compared to other apps. Also, you can easily find the cyberflix apk online to download this app.

Furthermore, the interface is stunning and the developers make sure all the streaming links are healthy. Along with that, they make sure the customers never run out of content to watch that’s why they upload new content each and every day. Adding more value to this app is easy to use user interface.

3. Typhoon TV

Typhon Tv apk

The feature that distinct Typhoon TV from Tea TV is the well-organized home screen along with an amazing user interface. It is available free of cost on FireStick and other android devices as well. The developers update the app regularly to ensure the app is up and running without any issues.

Also, you can find the latest movies and web series here with little to no effort. The reason being, this app is updated regularly and new content is uploaded on it almost every day. Lastly, the streaming links are healthy, so you can have the best streaming experience.

4. Nova TV APK


Looking for the best Tea TV alternatives? Then we suggest you go for the Nova TV APK. This app is fairly new as compared to other apps on your list. But in no way, it is worse than them in any category. In fact, this app is gaining new rates at an incredible rate and understandably so. 

You get to watch almost every show or movie in HD links which is missing from other apps out there. Also, it makes sure that none of the links are broken hence, you can enjoy your streaming session with no interruptions. Talking about the interface of Nova TV APK, it is as smooth as it gets. You can use the search bar in the menu to find your favorite movie or show. 

The sound quality matches with the supreme video quality as well, Lastly, it is available on FireStick for free of cost, which is just spectacular.

5. Titanium TV

Titanium Tv

We are sure you must have heard about Titanium TV as it was tagged as the clone for yet another popular on-demand streaming app – Terrarium Tv. However, in no way, it means that this is a poor app. If anything it is undoubtedly a top alternative for Tea TV. You will get almost every feature you can ask for on this app just like Tea TV.
From movies to documentaries, there is everything in the library of Titanium TV. Moreover, you will hardly find a broken link on this app. The links are healthy and have HD quality, so you can enjoy your content to its max potential. We are pretty sure, if you install Titanium TV on FireSick, you will forget about Tea TV in heartbeat.


So, these were some of the best alternatives for Tea TV. Most of these apps are ad-free or have very few ads. We hope you will find the perfect app according to your needs in the above-mentioned apps. Lastly, if you are unable to download any of these apps, simply use a VPN service and you will be able to get them without breaking any sweat.

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